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Design-Build. Architecture. Interiors. Landscape



We’re a Design-Build Architecture Studio based in Bengaluru, Karnataka

As a design-build firm, designing and building go hand in hand at Sudaiva Studio. The studio takes pride in its ability to seamlessly translate design intent into real-world built forms. All design strategies are informed by the studio’s vast experience in construction.

Established in 2014, the firm has won the “UltraTech Cement Well-Built Residential Building” Award from the Association of Consulting Civil Engineers (India) in 2018 and “Best of Houzz Design” awarded by Houzz.com consecutively in 2020 and 2021. In 2021, the firm was a special nominee for “Residential Project of the Year” at the Aces of Space Awards. The work of the firm has been featured in leading national and international architectural platforms, including Architectural Digest, Good Homes, Architect and Interiors India, and ArchDaily.

The studio’s design solutions evolve from a drive to strike a balance between seemingly opposing parameters. Starting with the client’s vision and weighing it against real world constraints. Considering the site environment and harmonising the built form with its surrounds. Reconciling functional requirements with elements that add to the sensorial experience of the building. Satisfying the need for shelter while opening the building to nature and bringing the outside in. When the right balance is achieved, we believe an overwhelming experience of serenity in the built spaces is the result.

To achieve the totality of our aspirations for a project, we find it necessary to operate as a DESIGN-BUILD firm. From early on in the project lifecycle, our creative thinking is tempered by a full understanding of the construction process. With complete control over every aspect from design to construction, we offer high levels of responsibility for the final outcome of the built form – whether it is a complex, an individual building, its interiors or a landscape. Our team composition reflects this design philosophy.