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Private Residence near Mysuru

The client gave carte blanche to design an out-of-the-box home within a 60X40 site, sketching out a project brief that only listed out the basic functional requirements for his small family.  Considering the context of a residential layout with closely packed houses and very little setback from each other, and the strong possibility of adjacent residences growing taller in the future, it was decided to make the home self-sufficient in natural light and ventilation.

The scheme evolved as a cascade of angular walls intersecting and scaling up the two levels of the home. The resulting stepped roofs of the volumes lend the facade its visual identity. The height differentials between them includes clerestory windows made of perforated metal sheets that aid in the passive cooling and daylighting of the home. The at times unforgiving heat of the region is tempered within the house by cooling drafts that vent through these perforated windows.

The exposed concrete walls of the front façade lean outwards from the house adding a dynamism to its form. Black saw-cut granite, exposed concrete and painted white walls combine to create a modern, edgy form softened by lush landscape elements.

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4000 Sq. Ft




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